Hair Transformation


Last year, I went in and got an ombre done on my hair. I loved it at the time, but my hair always ends up looking brassy after a few weeks, and when it got to that point, I dyed it all back dark and said that I would never get an ombre again.

Fast forward to this spring: I wanted a balayage, which is pretty similar to an ombre. Again, when I first got it done, I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much, that the next time I got it done, I only had my roots touched up because the colors still looked so pretty.

Well, what do you know, a few weeks ago I noticed my hair really starting to turn brassy again. I started browsing through and debating on many hair colors on Pinterest. I figured my only option was to go back darker to cover the brassy colors.

Friday after work, I went to the salon to get my hair done. Walking in, I’m always afraid that my hair stylist is going to hate me for always wanting to change my hair. Luckily, she’s a friend of mine, so we always work something out.

Below is what we decided to do, and I love it! (For now anyways, haha.)

Hair Transformation

Any secrets on keeping the brass out of my hair? Besides toning shampoos, because I use those weekly! I’m just a girl obsessed with ash colors, with hair unwilling to hold them!

My hair looks and feels so much healthier now too! Thanks again Ashley, you’re the best!


Xo, Jennah Rae


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