Purity Made Simple

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Today I am here to tell you all about my favorite all in one facial cleanser; Purity Made Simple by Philosophy.

A few months ago, my face was feeling extremely dehydrated, and very tight after washing my face every night. No matter how much moisturizer I would put on, nothing would help. I’m talking dry like the Sahara Desert people! I was cracking and peeling in different areas and nothing would make it go away, even after exfoliating.

Finally, I had enough of trying to make my face look nice and smooth again so I decided to do some research and read reviews of many products. The one that I decided to try out was Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple all in one facial cleanser/makeup remover.

The first night that I used it, I noticed that it did a very good job of removing all of my makeup without feeling like I had to scrub my whole face off. It felt nice and gentle, and it didn’t burn my eyes at all. The product also has a nice clean smell about it, nothing too overwhelming. Then, when I rinsed it all off and dried my face, my face was left feeling hydrated and not tight at all. I was a little skeptical and not ready to get my hopes up just yet though.

Now, here I am a couple of months later, telling you how much I love this stuff! Every night, my face is left feeling so refreshed! I know it seems a little pricey, but you honestly only have to use a penny sized amount for your entire face. A little goes a long way with this product! I bought the 8 oz. bottle to try, and I am still using that same bottle a couple of months later, and I honestly use this stuff every night to remove my makeup.

Let me know if you try or have tried this product, and if you love it just as much as I do!

Xo, Jennah Rae


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