The Perfect Sculpt Strapless Bra: Does it work!?


I see ads all over the internet about this new miracle bra: The Perfect Sculpt Strapless Bra. So my question was, does this thing actually work!? Well ladies, I’m here to tell you what I think of this new trending bra.


First off, let’s start by saying that I read many reviews and watched a few videos before taking the plunge and purchasing this bra. I mean, it was only twenty dollars, so I figured it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it failed my expectations.

Normally, I am a size A cup, so that’s what I purchased. When my Perfect Sculpt Bra came in the mail, I was so excited to try it out. I opened the package and removed the plastic pieces that it was placed on. Now, this bra sticks right on to you, and you’re supposed to be able to pull and tighten the strings to lift your girls and create cleavage, (sounds great, right?!) Wrong..

I stuck the bra on, and pulled the strings.. but where was all of the magical cleavage that was promised? Of course I didn’t expect miracles to happen, but I expected a little more cleavage than normal. The results: I basically felt like it just smashed my boobs together, and it gave no lift at all.. I was better off wearing a normal strapless push-up bra.

So in my honest opinion, I would not recommend this to small chested girls like myself, we’re better off with a strapless bra ladies. However, I can not speak for larger chested women.. it may work great for you ladies! I honestly wasn’t even a big fan of the sticky-ness of the bra either, though. The first night when I tested it out, I wore it for about 20 minutes when the whole right side came unstuck.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’ve been dying to try it like I was. It failed all expectations that I had for it.

For now, us small chested ladies will just have to continue on with our most trusted and loved strapless push-up bras. Victoria’s Secret is still my absolute favorite when it comes to that department!

What do you ladies think? Have you tried out this “miracle” bra? What are your opinions? Curious to see if anyone has had better results!


Xo, Jennah Rae


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4 comments on “The Perfect Sculpt Strapless Bra: Does it work!?”

  1. Mine did not work. Didn’t do anything like the pictures. I requested to return and they asked me to send a video of how I put it on. I did and now they don’t respond to me. Bra is not worth the money and there apparently is no return policy

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