The Funny Farm.


If you would have asked me a year ago to pet sit a house full of Airedale Terriers, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I’ve never been a huge fan of the breed; In fact, the first dog that ever bit me, years ago when I worked at a boarding kennel, was an Airedale. So you can imagine my initial thoughts about a month ago when my boss asked me to pet sit her house full of Airedales for a week while she went on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I know her dogs very well.. Which is why I agreed to it. I knew that my only challenge for that week would be her one Airedale, Reba. So let’s get to last week, when I got to stay at the Funny Farm!


Meet Timber. She’s a Border Terrier, and she’s my girl. Of course I was most excited that I got to spend the week with her! She’s an energetic, fun loving, sweet little girl that could win over anyone’s heart. She was my shadow for the week, and my partner in crime wherever I went.


Next, I will introduce you to Pinky. She’s the first of the Airedales. I know Pinky is a doll, so I knew that she would be no problem throughout the week. She’s a free bird, and her favorite activity is barking at and chasing squirrels that are jumping from tree to tree. She’s just a beautiful girl that loves the outdoors, and curling in the tightest ball next to you when it comes time for bed.


This is Jenny. She’s such a hoot! She was my trouble maker of the week. She’s adorable, and I swear she thinks she is one of the dogs. She will follow you anywhere and everywhere just to be with you. She knows that she’s not supposed to go in the garage and every time she would get close, I would call out her name and she would stop dead in her tracks. Then, whenever I took a step or got distracted by the dogs, she would take another step towards the garage until I called out at her again. One day, she was far enough from the garage, I thought that I would have plenty of time to go inside and cut up a carrot and an apple for her.. Boy, was I wrong. I went into the garage to head outside and noticed half of the paper TV guide was on the floor and you’ll never guess where the other half was! That’s right, Jenny had it in her mouth and was quickly chewing away! She made me chase her all over the yard for it too!


Last, but not least.. Meet Reba. Reba has never really loved me, or anyone for that matter. She’ll tolerate you, but wants nothing to do with you, (which is why I figured she would be my challenge last week.) The first night, Reba kept her distance. She came when she was called, but only because she knew by then that I would be the one handing out the food. On the second night, Reba started warming up to me. She was by my side most of the night. By the third night, she was mine and Joey’s best friend. She followed me everywhere. She wrestled with Joey on the couch, and that night she slept on the bed at our feet. Amy, (my boss) told me that if she sleeps at my feet, then that means she’ll accept me into her circle. So you can imagine how happy and how accomplished I felt that night, and for the rest of the week when she slept at my feet.


So, there you have it.. My week at the Funny Farm with the girls. It turns out, Reba wasn’t my challenge at all, it was Jenny! Either way, I am happy to know that I am finally accepted into Reba’s circle.

There were also chickens and a rooster involved in my week, but nothing too exciting about them.. Besides the rooster trying to attack me one day when I took their eggs. That’s the Funny Farm for you though, and it wouldn’t have its name without a couple mishaps along the way!


Xo, Jennah Rae


4 comments on “The Funny Farm.”

  1. That place looks funny but cozy at the same time. I think nothing can beat the feeling of connecting with nature, animals, with yourself finally.
    I see it as a great option for a letting- go weekend.
    Thank you, dear, for sharing it!


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