Sunday Fish Fry.

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Last weekend Joe and I got this great idea to go fishing for keeps, which is unusual for us because we normally just catch and release. We debated the idea for a little bit, and figured that we would decide once we started fishing to see if they were going to be big enough fish or not (if we could even catch enough.) We got out on the lake and we caught a few decent bass, nothing worth keeping.. That is, until we hit the honey hole for blue gill! It started off with a few little baby blue gills that we ended up tossing back, but we ended up with a whole lot of giant blue gills that we threw on the stringer to keep; along with two 15 inch bass (not the biggest bass, but they would do.)

Fast forward now, to this past weekend:

We normally go to my parents house on Sunday’s for dinner, so this Sunday we decided to have a fish fry! Joe did most of the frying (he’s an amazing cook,) while my mom made corn on the cob, cheesy potatoes, and red lobster rolls. Let’s just say that last nights family dinner was amazing.

Xo, Jennah Rae



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